National Science Week

Australia's next National Science Week will run from 10 - 18 August 2019.

The festival celebrates science, technology and innovation in everyday life and our future. It is a time to celebrate contributions of Australian scientists's to the world of exciting and evidence-based knowledge.

In the NT, events are generally delivered by universities, schools, research institutions, libraries and community organisations. Science Week inspires a vast array of groups from children to adults, and science amateurs and professionals, with an aim to encourage an interest in science pursuits among the general public.

Funding is available for organisations and groups to run National Science Week activity in the Northern Territory during the celebration.


Get Involved

Run an Event

National Science Week makes up one of Australia's biggest festivals. Nationally and Territory wide a collection of events large and small are put together by individuals and groups.

Organising your own event can be as simple as registering for a workplace morning tea. Or on a larger scale; coordinating a school science fair, hosting a guest speaker or an open day.

There are also grants available nationally and locally to help support events.


Attend an Event

There are many opportunities for individuals to engage with events during National Science Week. You can search for events as they are added to our Events Calendar.