5.30 – 7.30pm each night  (doors open at 5pm)

Monday 20th
Designer Drugs, Microbes and Sonography: Health in the NT
1. The Microbiome Within – Dr Jo Wapling (Menzies) talks about all the wonderful microbes hosted on, in and around the human body.
2. HealthLAB – A Visual Tour of Our Organs – A/Prof Heidi S-V (Menzies) talks HealthLAB and Kate Duncan takes us for a live ultrasound tour of the human body.
3. We Can Make a Drug for That – Dr Martin Boland (CDU) discusses new antibiotics and their role as a last line of defence against superbugs.

Tuesday 21st
Happiness and Mindfulness: What Does the Science Say?
1. Mindfulness: a Pathway to Wellbeing – Dr Buaphrao Raphiphatthana (Menzies) will tell you what science says about mindfulness, how it can be better understood and used to benefit us in our daily lives.
2. The Pursuit of Happiness (Spoiler – Ends Badly!) – Dr Simon Moss (CDU) will give you the scientific perspective on what really promotes long term mental health in ourselves, our families, and our society.

Wednesday 22nd
Ants, Bees and Drugs: Science in the Top End
1. Intercontinental Contrasts in Ant Communities – Prof Alan Andersen (CDU) reveals how different evolutionary histories drive intercontinental differences in savanna ant communities.
2. Biosecurity and Bees – Vicki Simlesa (NT Gov) will tell us about biosecuriy risks and honey bees and the effect on the Australian horticultural industry.
3. Sniffing Out Drugs in Sewage – Dianne Rose (PowerWater) – Since 2015, Power and Water has been collaborating with researchers from the University of Queensland in a national study of drugs in sewage. Dianne will share the results with us.

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